Adding the word "Pet" to THS name

As a pet sitter and a member of THS for 5 years, I am often asked what THS is all about. Surprisingly, there are many who are unaware of THS so I go into my explanation hoping to get people to join! I’ve always wondered why the word pet hadn’t been included in the name of the company when pet sitting is such an important element of THS. Adding it would give a clearer idea of what we do. The house sitting part is also very important but the pets we sit always come first. Any thoughts?


Hi @lmhale not all sits have pets to look after, most do, but there is always a house/home to care for.

I agree they should add this point.

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Not sure if the name is really holding people back, I think in some countries the concept is just not very well known or accepted in general. On the front page it actually says “find a pet sitter”.

I agree completely. Why don’t they include ‘pets’ in the name?

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In the 5 years since we’ve been members, I’ve only seen 2 listings with no pets (house only).

I’ve seen numerous sits with no pets but they are still very much the minority.

Not all the animals we have looked after are pets. We love looking after mini farms or even full sized farms.
And we have looked after a magnificent estate with no animals. We stayed in a servant’s apartment and all we had to do was be a presence. Walk around the grounds twice a day and be there every night. How the other half live!


What an interesting sit that must have been, Elsie!