Advice on my profile - How can I interest more Homeowners?

Hello Community Forum - I love being a member of THS and making new pet sitting friends. If you would be so kind I am looking for advice on what I can do to make my profile more appealing to homeowners. Thank you for your time,



@Pamela I’ll just suggest that you remove your full name from your sitter profile, for privacy reasons. With that and your location I was able to google you and find out quite a bit of information.

But I can’t figure out how to remove my last name or my location

how do I remove from the forum those 2 items.
Also is there anything I should remove from my pet sitting page?

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Your profile looks great but I would remove any mention of animals passing away. It’s honest, but maybe not the positive vibe I like to get from a sitter profile. Do mention having administered meds and fluids, that will appeal to owners who are nervous about leaving I’ll pets.

You could say something like “I have administered medicines and fluids to my own beloved pets and am comfortable taking care of cats and dogs that require special attention to keep them healthy.”

Just my thoughts.


Adding to what @Shafofo suggested—I like that you have specific examples of experience caring for pets with medical needs, but do agree that you could word it to focus on the positive (the way you cared for your ill pets). You might write something like:

Our Shih Tzu, TeeTee, lived to be 16 years old with the diligent administration of two heart medicines twice a day. My cat, Mitzy, was born with a kidney condition that required me to administer her IV fluids twice a week.

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I have made all the changes you suggested. Please double check they to see if it is phrased the best they can be.

Also it was suggested I remove my last name on my forum profile. I have tired but was not successful. Can you tell me how to do it?
_________________________________________________Snowbird wrote this: Snowbird

PamelaGoguen I’ll just suggest that you remove your full name from your sitter profile, for privacy reasons. With that and your location I was able to google you and find out quite a bit of information.

Could you please help me with these 2 items as well?

I copy and pasted what you wrote into my profile and removed the bad way I phrased it.

Thank you

@Pamela I said in your sitter profile, not the forum. In the About section of your sitter profile you have your full name, which is not needed.

I just read your profile and I didn’t get any sense of who you are as a person - your interests or personality. You’ve mentioned that you love pets and you have a criminal record check and will keep in touch with the homeowners but I think perhaps you should convey a bit more about you. As a sitter, I often think a homeowner chooses a sitter that has something in their profile that may be a commonality between them.


Thank you Snowbird. I believe I made all the changes you suggested and a few extra. If you see anything else that is amiss please let me know.
Thanks again

Thanks for your advice I’ll work on that now.

Hi Globetrotter
I made some changes to make my profile more informative and warmer.
Please let me know what you think.

I have copy and pasted your exact phrase. thank you for your advice.

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I see that and the fact that you’ve done ziplining shows you’re an adventurous person. I’ve done that twice too and loved it! Looks much better - if you have any other interests/hobbies I would continue to add. Best of luck!

Thank you, I work on it some more.
P.S. Also my last name is on my forum profile. How do I remove it?

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I’d like to know this as well…

If you click on the top right icon (your forum profile pic), then click on the little silhouette on the right and choose Preferences from the dropdown menu, you’ll see a pencil next to your username. You can click on that to delete your last name.

There is no pencil next to my user name, I copy and pasted what is there, this is it below. …


People can mention you as @PamelaGoguen

@Pamela I don’t see a pencil on mine either. I’ll tag @Vanessa-ForumCMgr and she’ll be able to edit it for you. Please direct message her (click on her @ name) and let her know what you’d like it changed to.