Airport lounge booking

Hi All
I want to book an airport lounge…. But….
When I try and follow what the THS website says, there is no live chat, robot keeps telling me to telephone, I telephone and get message that says they are busy, send a message and get cut off!!!
I’ve sent a message! But when will that be answered? Getting a little disheartened.
Help please

Go to the Help tab on the menu at the main THS site, logged in of course, select talk to us and you will see the chat box.

This is from phone app and that should work. I had no difficulties when I booked mine.

Thank you for your help. I did that and only a robot on chat telling me to telephone. I telephone and get message to say all are busy, leave a message and then cut off :cry::cry:

@Therese-Moderator can you help these folks

Conor has been brilliant and now sorting our request, thank you everyone :blush: