American nomads: How long are your passport renewals taking?

I keep seeing horror stories about lengthy renewal times, and I’m starting to stress out over being without a passport for perhaps several months. Anyone have any recent experience?

A family member just got a passport renewed in six weeks. Happy travels!

Oh, I’d like to hear more stories like that!

Hi @teddypdx it’s not just in the States there are serious issues in the UK as well

So glad I renewed mine during the last Lockdown….

It helps if you can renew during a lower-demand time of the year (not just before the year-end holidays or in late spring / early- to mid-summer).

Another tip I’ve used successfully in the past is, if I’m going to be in one place for a few weeks, to renew at a US embassy while out of the country. I’ve done that twice, and it only took 2 weeks each time (although I understand many people aren’t in position to be able to do that :joy:.)

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Thanks for the tips! My passport expires in July 2023, which means I’m eligible for renewal in November 2022 – per your advice that’s a bad time to apply, but I have a sit booked in the US from early December until the first week of January anyway, so what the heck.

(I’ll be in Montreal the whole month of November and I like the idea of applying at the consulate there, but I wonder if in this time of plague they’d be able to get it done any faster – I can’t afford to get stuck in Canada waiting for a delayed passport!)

My worry is that I had hoped to travel in January, but I have no way of knowing if I’ll have my new passport in hand by then. I wish we didn’t have to turn in our old one before the new one arrives :frowning:

It sounds like you’ll have plenty of time. Routine processing time per the State Dept website is 8-11 weeks, so if you submit within the next week or so you should be fine for Nov travel. People in the travel groups I’m in are saying its more like 6 weeks at the moment.

Oh, no ---- I misunderstood the recommendation to renew 9 months before expiration to be a requirement to renew no earlier than 9 months before! I always thought my reading comprehension was pretty good but I really blew it this time :frowning:

So I could have done it earlier this year aarrrggghhhhhh. Now I’m out of the country for another 3 weeks, then have to be ready to leave the country again [edit] 2 months after I return. Six weeks would be plenty of time, if there’s no unexpected delay . . .

Expedited processing is listed as 5-7 weeks. I’m not sure how quickly that’s going currently, but, if regular processing is shorter than their standard timeframes, expedited probably is too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s hoping the summer rush is over and there will be a lull!

Regular renewal in Canada can take up to 13 weeks right now but if you can prove an urgent need and can apply directly at a major passport centre, you can get it done in 2-45 days.

My US passport was due to expire in December 2022, so after returning from an international sit in April, I had everything ready to send off as soon as I returned. The website had stated it would be 8 to 11 weeks before receiving my new passport. It arrived in more like 5 weeks. I felt very relieved. Now I’m waiting on my global entry interview, which I made last month and it is not until the middle of September.

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I don’t know if it makes a difference - but I had to reapply (rather than renew) because I’d let my lapse for too long. But I went into the post office on June 1, choose standard delivery, and had my passport by June 27.