Latest U.S. passport renewal times?

My passport will expire next year, so I’ll be renewing. Can anyone who’s renewed recently share how long you had to wait for your new one to arrive after you submitted?

I don’t know but make sure you apply more than six months before your present passport is due to expire. There are places that require you to have at least six months left on your passport in order to enter.

Yup. Know that. Thanks, though.

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Hi @Maggie8K. I renewed in the spring and had my new passport in 8 weeks. Not expedited. I read a news article in early July that said the State Dept was recommending people apply at least 6 months prior to leaving.

Processing times always seem to increase in the busy summer and pre-holiday months, so that may be contributing to the long processing times. With that being said, I recommend you renew as soon as you can.

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Thanks, @Karen_E. Good to know. I’ll renew after trips this year. The timing should work out, because I’ll need to stay home anyway during remodeling. And I can travel domestically if I can get away.

Hi @Maggie8K this supports @Karen_E processing time but as she says these can subject to seasonal influences

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I just renewed my U.K. passport- it took 11 days from submitting the application online and receiving ( and that included 2 weekends )

It’s one of the New British passports which bear the title ‘His Majesty’ for the first time in 70 years!

I know that doesn’t help you @Maggie8K and is slightly off topic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:( Sorry to hijack your thread )

This is not my passport- it’s a stock image from


Thank you for adding that @Silversitters as I need to tackle a new UK passport later this year. Was that fast track for 11 days or standard? :crossed_fingers:t3:

@Cuttlefish Mine was a standard Renewal - I had to time it right between sits … so that I had it delivered to our “home” address in time for our overseas trip coming up …

It was a very straightforward process, all done online … there are very few fast track appointments available.

With fast track you have to go in person to the passport office which could be anywhere in UK - when I looked there were only 15 appointments available and they were in Belfast and a couple in Glasgow !

Good to know, I’ll do standard and hope it’s the same time frame as you. Also have a sit window :joy: Thank you @Silversitters

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@Cuttlefish you could always opt for the one day (the same day) premium service and go in person. We always do this, a couple of reasons why, firstly because we were flying every week we didn’t have enough time for the new one to arrive before our next flight and secondly but most importantly I just like to know that my passport won’t get lost! It’s such an important document to us that we prefer to pay the extra, go for a nice cup of tea whilst we wait and a couple of hours later come back to collect our new passports. Anyway it’s just another option for you to consider :blush:


@Silversitters, very cool to see this!

As for tangents, I naturally lean that way and enjoy them, LOL.

@Samox24, yes, I’ve done expedited service previously in the U.S. and might again. As you say, it takes the worry out of our passports going astray. Gov’t services seem more fraught since the pandemic, unfortunately.

We mailed ours in for renewal early June. They were received by the US passport agency on June 2 and are still “in process”. Estimated time for non-expedited renewal is 10 - 13 weeks so we hoping they will be ready mid-August.

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Thank you! Good to know what you’re experiencing, @Landbiscuit. Hope you’ll get your passports back sooner than later.

@Samox24 We looked also into this option as you say it would be less stressful to have the passport in your hand - but the only appointments available at the time were Belfast and Glasgow which we could not travel to for the day with our sit commitments at the time .

I do know some people who desperately need their passport for immediate travel are flying to Belfast to get the fast track service .

I have been told by someone who works for U.K. passport Office , that you need to keep checking the gov.U.K. Website multiple times a day - as new fast track appointments get uploaded by each passport office location at random times during the day ( a bit like checking THS for new sit listings )
If you snooze , you loose :rofl:

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@Silversitters Fortunately we have never experienced any problems getting an appointment, we normally go to Peterborough to renew ours. You can book up to 3 weeks in advance for this service and the earliest you can get an appointment is 2 days from when you apply. Also remember to get digital photos with the code for when you book your appointment online. You will be asked to enter the photo code during your passport application and your digital photo will be added to your application. Sometimes people try adding their own uploaded digital photo which can sometimes cause a delay at your appointment so I always think it’s best to get them done with the code and it makes it a very smooth process. Look for ID photo specialists displaying this ‘IDPC Compliant’ logo.

Thanks @Samox24 that is also a possibility! I need to be in the UK at least 10 days to see family & clients so hopefully will all work out well :pray:t3:

Fingers crossed @Cuttlefish :crossed_fingers:t2::blush:

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I applied for a new US passport in January 2023 and it took 3 months with standard processing. You can pay for expedited service.