An awfully big adventure - meetup in New Zealand’s South Island anyone?

Wow, Smiley! That’s my plan in 12 months. I’d love to go to New Zealand for the winter over Dec/Jan/Feb in my off-season. This off-season, I am planning my first sits and look forward to get one in the first place :).
Have fun in New Zealand and share your experiences please!
Safe travels


Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Also look at Kiwihousesitters’ website

Thanks a lot. Let’s keep in touch and connect in summer again. This Destination needs some planning for me and I love your goal.
Whenever you start planning or taking applicants please remember me :blush:

When are you in Brisbane. We are around until mid February and can give you some helpful tips or just meet up?

Hi @Del
I’m in South Island, NZ until 30April when I fly to Samoa. I’ll stay there for 7-10 days then plan to fly to Brisbane. I have a sit along the Gold Coast from 14 May.
So sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to meet but, thanks for the offer!

Hi Smiley,

Our home base is on the Gold Coast and we are back here more than we are away. We are travellers more than full time sitters and are happy to meet up in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast if you like. Always happy to meet fellow sitters and talk shop, so to speak.

Feel free to get in touch and we can tell you about the great things in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.



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Thank you, I’ll message you when I’m in the area so….not for some time