Another Cancelled Housesit!

Thank you, yes I have contacted them outside of the site but haven’t heard back for a while. I said it’s fine if they have changed their plans but we are just trying to plan our summer so let’s see.

Hi @sunshinesonme , personally if it were me I’d get on and make whatever plans you fancy for the summer if they have failed to respond too your messages… Even if they are very busy they should find time to at least acknowledge your messages and explain that they’re busy and will respond fully later. If something else has unfortunately happened I suspect they will not require a sitter…

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just getting my head around this type of travel hack so I would love any tips you could provide :slight_smile:

Hi @liz!

Our biggest tip is that you can get the most miles/hotel points with credit card signup bonuses (compared to just putting your day-to-day spend on a credit card).

You can also stack deals, status, and points and get pretty creative. A couple of years ago we had a house sit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and wanted to see Queretaro which is just a couple of hours away. We ended up doing what’s called a Mattress Run and stayed 41 nights rotating through four different Hilton properties and made more points than we spent (plus we earned diamond status for another year)! We give more detail about it here.

Another example is a recent Hyatt mattress run. Or, when we flew to Europe (San Diego, CA to Dublin) with an overnight ‘rest’ in Boston at an Airbnb that was all in $70 each (flights and Airbnb included).

Hopefully those links help! Always happy to answer questions :grinning:


Thanks so much for these suggestions. As Canadians we don’t get the volume of opportunities to do this as our USA neighbours do, but we still get some :slight_smile:

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Hi @liz we are sure that Canadian listing will grow as travel becomes more normalized, Canada has been “closed” for so long an when it opens there will be domestic and international sits come to the site … Canada is such an amazing country to explore that both sitters and owners will have much to enjoy and beloved pets are getting excited at the prospect of making new friends.

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thanks Angela. We are applying for several :-). My message was more regarding the opportunities to collect travel points via credit cards

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Just curious as to if the homeowner ever responded to you and how things were resolved. In the future if a HO requests that you return for a sit and you want to do so, you can ask them to send you a private invite instead of posting the sit. That way, you are still going through THS, but don’t run the risk that they will select some else after verbally accepting you for the sit. Good luck.


You are certainly showing how considerate you are, and I think I would have the same hesitancy to move on with other plans. I’d suggest you resort to the old-fashioned way and make an actual phone call. A little more awkward maybe but at least you’re likely to get a resolution. If there’s no answer there’s usually voicemail and you could politely give them a timeframe where, if you don’t hear from them, you’ll unfortunately make other plans.

I think it would be entirely reasonable to contact them directly saying that you need to plan ahead and ask where are they at with their plans.

I belong to a site called that is all about points and miles for Canadians. The FB group is in French but most of the articles are translated in English. I use Airmiles, Aéroplan, Marriott, Hilton and many points from AMEX or other credit cards. All for traveling.


Thanks! There is also Do you know that one?

I Know the site but found out with time that they opt too much for sensionalism . I even wrote 3-4 articles for them before I switched for milesopedia.

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