Anyone Else Seeing Duplicate Listings Over & Over?

Please don’t let this be another :lady_beetle:
On an iPad (in landscape mode) using the Website on Safari, when I hit the landing page of “find a sit” when I don’t enter any search parameters and I’m just seeing all the listings in the order THS wants me to see them, I’m getting some of the same ones repeated over & over on each page I scroll through. At first I thought my tired brain was playing tricks on me in a kind of sitter’s deja vu but no; there’s those pugs again and that house in the snow and that big black doggie….
Just thought, are there now individual listings for each of multiple dates?

@Saltrams I had the same experience many times and so wrote to membership services to find out why this was happening. I was told that it was not happening and that listings were not being repeated. However, I knew I was seeing the same listings multiple times on the same search.

After a few days I think I figured it out for myself. I’ll use an example. I view page one, and then click to page two. In the interim, newer listings are added, so that what was on the bottom of page one is now on the top of page two. Hence the reason I was seeing the listings again. Now, repeat that example for listings moving from page two to page three … and so it goes on.

That was the solution I came up with as, like you, I knew it was happening and so the answer I received didn’t satisfy me. Perhaps take a look at my idea and see if it seems logical to you. :wink:

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I see listings on multiple pages, and initially rationalized it as you do. However, if I see a listing on page one, then see it again on page 2, it is often also still on page one when I go back. Right now “Sunny Sarasota getaway…” is showing on pages one and two, no matter how often I toggle back and forth. Sometimes I see two identical listings next to each other.

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Thanks @Lassie; it’s looking buggy to me. @Therese-Moderator may I propose adding this situation to the ongoing list of glitches?

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@Saltrams @Lassie @Snowbird this has been reported to the tech team … thank you for raising.

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I have the same on the app on the phone. Just so you know that it happens to others too

Another example - France sit on page 3, also page 2, and still in page 3 when I go from 2 to 3.

Just to add that I had long noticed that the last listing on a page always appeared as the first on the next page, which is quite common in Websites generally.
This, however, is becoming ridiculous with the same listings appearing over & over apparently at random. @Ben-ProductManager FYI

So sorry @snowbird, I somehow completely missed your post. Re-reading the thread now and you certainly have a good suggestion, which I understand and will try to watch out for in action. Thank you!

@Saltrams @Snowbird we are looking into the duplicate listings, thanks for flagging.

Thanks, Ben

Duplicates next to each other.

hello :wave:

Due to the way our search function operates, you will occasionally see a duplicate listing. This is because we have inventory that is changing all the time (when listings are boosted, paused, dates deleted and edited)

The most likely time when you will see a duplicate is when a listing is at the bottom of a page of results and then a change in relevancy occurs and so it is at the top of the next page of results. (Whilst still cached as part of the first page)

The same occurs within the app, but as you scroll we load a new page.

Many Thanks, Ben

That doesn’t explain why I see duplicate listings in the middle of page 1 and page 2. It doesn’t bother me, but is definitely a glitch.