App update gone wrong again?

I’ve just looked at my saved Germany search on the app V2.32.1 (android) and it’s showing me all sorts of countries like Austria, Slovakia and Hungary!!! Is this another snafu with an app upgrade?

It happens all the time, but someone will tell you why - probably @pietkuip :joy:

I don’t have the android app :slight_smile:

And I try to use the web interface on my laptop.

But there are bugs everywhere. (Right now I cannot login in using Chrome, so I am forced to use the Safari browser. I guess it has something to do with Facebook. Yes, I already tried deleting cookies.)

I only use the website as just can’t get on with the app.
I had that problem for a while of not being able to log in via Chrome, but now can. No idea why it cleared!

I deleted and uploaded the app in an attempt to solve another problem as advised by member services . I now no longer receive any notifications of my saved searches. :pensive::pensive: