Arkansas Mom Finished First Two Sits

Hi, I’m Stacey. I just completed my first two sits in Texas over Spring Break with my two daughters and my mom. We were in Ft. Worth caring for three dogs for four days, then two days off in Waco, finishing up with five days caring for a dog and five chickens in the Texas Hill Country. It was better than I even imagined! My girls especially loved being in the country free to roam around the spacious property. We have another sit coming up in Chicago in June. This is a great way to travel with kids!


Congratulations! We finished our first two sits as well in the DFW area. The first one was with my husband and twins and the second one was just me and my daughter. This is an interesting and fun way to travel. We have 7 more lines up starting next month starting in CO and ending near the Canadian border. Very excited as I’m sure you are


Congratulations to you both (and your families) for completing your first sits! @StaceyV @IHeartAnimals :grin:

Congrats, @StaceyV! You probably passed right by my town (Van, TX on I-20). If you guys are ever passing through again, we can have an East Texas TH meet-up for two! Lol. Seriously, just PM me. :grin:

And @IHeartAnimals: So excited for you! I recall when you were still trying to understand how TH might work for you and your family, not too long ago. Cheers to many more incredible adventures!