Benefits when Upgrading Membership

How soon after upgrading my membership would I receive the passes for the airport lounge?

@HostAndSitter thank you for asking this all important question. Below is the link to all information regarding passes.

What are Free Lounge Passes? – TrustedHousesitters

You will request these at least 72 hours prior to when you are traveling and want to use. Please note all the info that is required when requesting the passes.

Thanks and happy traveling!

Thank you. So, from the moment after I upgrade it is possible to make the request and have the passes available as soon as 72 hours later except I might then be told there is no availability? How often are the passes not actually available? Also, I know I want to use them for a specific trip but I won’t know until the day of travel if I want the for the outbound flight or the return flight. It doesn’t sound like this is possible. If I take them for the outbound flight and don’t use the, can they instead be changed for the return flight? If not, this is a useless benefit.

@HostAndSitter Thank you for your follow-up.

I can help as much as possible but I will also ask Membership Services to reach out to you as they can look into the specifics of your request. I think they even have a link to available airports/lounges that accept the passes, so you might be able to check if the lounge you are looking at is there.

Lounges do sometimes become unavailable to book if the airport decides to close that lounge for any reason- this happened a lot during covid. Also, some lounges have open and close times so might not be available during your flight times. I believe some are 24/7 so it really depends on the airport & lounge.

That’s why it is best to let the Membership Service team check which lounges are available during your trip and why they need 72 hours to process your request.

Please look out for their email from

You will then be able to ask them any other questions as well. I hope you manage to find something that works with your trip! :slight_smile: