Black Friday Upgrades and Q&As

Is there an issue with the TH payment gateway? I’m trying to take advantage of the offer and upgrade to a combined membership and the charge is being declined on multiple credit cards. I’ve phoned the bank and nothing has been declined, they are not receiving any request from your site.

Hi @Lindsay I’m going to pass this over to the Membership Services Team who will connect with you directly …

Thanks @Angela-CommunityManager, I did email in, just wondered if there was any known bug. I’ll wait to hear from the team.

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Hi nothing reported that I’m aware of … I have left a message on our internal channel.

Thank you for your patience

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My situation exactly!

I think the words ’ … at the moment …’ is THS -speak for : ‘We will phase it out one day’!


@Lindsay It is possible that your own bank is blocking the transaction. You may have to chat with them and tell them that you are trying to make an online purchase from an UK vendor. Banks have really stepped their fraud protection and often times are blocking transactions from other countries. We always get an alert when there is a credit card transaction outside the 50 U.S. states and sometimes our bank randomly blocks the payment, so we have to call them and verify that we are in fact trying to make the purchase.

Matt and I wanted the discount, too.

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@BunnyCat thanks, I thought that too and I did call and speak with them. Even though I tried the transaction multiple times, neither the Visa or Amex system received any request to block, they said the issue must be in TH side.

Hi @Cheri … All the discounts are available until the end of November so if you go to the Q&A document linked in the thread above, you’ll find the link to use if you missed the email or banner on the website. You must be logged in and on desktop to use this link. Let us know if you still have problems and we will get someone to help you. All the best!

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Hi @Angela-CommunityManager just wanted to follow up on this as I haven’t heard back from anyone yet and the issue is still happening. Does the offer end today?

Hi @Lindsay I’m going to follow up with the team now and will get an answer for you …

HI, My membership runs out at the end of the year. I have received messages about upgrading but have no idea what the upgrade includes? What would I be upgrading to? How does it differ to what I already have? I only house sit and never require a sitter myself. Many Thanks.

Looking to upgrade and the 2 Global Airport Lounge Passes. Is this an unlimited amount for the year? 2 passes round trip only? Can I use this twice instead of sharing it?

I don’t pay additonally for this with a credit card so this is pretty appealing but need further explanation. THANK YOU!

Hi @dkhp67 welcome to our community forum we’ve had other members asking about this upgrade benefit … the information is on the website blog in the help section…

Enjoy being here with the community and connecting with other members.

Angela and the Team

I accepted the upgrade offer earlier this week. Ever since then, the message at the top of my Dashboard says “Complete your Profile. Your profile is 94% complete, so owners can’t see it yet. Complete your profile to start applying for house and pet sitting opportunites.” I have been a member since 2019. My profile is complete, I’ve completed many sits and have one scheduled in December. Why am I getting this message and can my profile really not be seen right now?

Hi @CDunn I have checked your account and your profile is live and on the site, I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService from the Membership Services Team to ask them to look into this for you, meanwhile I will pass to the team for their comments

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Hi, @CDunn I’ve just had this message back from Laura in Membership Services

“I’ve just checked and their profile is all live and active -though personally didn’t see that message when i logged in”

This has been reported by another member and raised with the Product team in case it is a bug. But all is well with your account @CDunn

Great, thank you. If you want to let them know, when I click to “Complete Profile” I am allowed to just save my profile as is and when I return to the Dashboard, the message is gone.

Hi Angela - I did see this information that you sent with this link. Does this mean 2 passes for the whole of your yearly membership? When it says call to schedule is that to get the pass for the year? Thanks again