Kind of upset with ths support

I sent an email earlier this week in regards to the upgrade code as well as my free months not jiving with the amount of referrals I have had.

I got back a generic email that really didn’t address either one…was told they could add months if referrals used my code (which was not the issue) and that I should have gotten a link in an email for the upgrade Black Friday code. I have gone through ALL my emails and have nothing of the sort.

I know they use ZENDESK for generic answers to questions, which is why I refused to have it installed in the US for my employees (used in the UK). Answers don’t always fit with the question and it is just easier to hit a drop down box and get the request out of your own box.

Can someone please contact me

Hi @long1016 I will have one of the Membership Services Team connect with you directly.