Can owners pay to have their listing permanently at the top of the list or is it an app bug?

Has anyone noticed the “Greyhound Love” Bendigo sit in May/June permanently stuck at the top of the Australia sits? It’s been there for days while listings change below it. It doesn’t have a “new” tag so I assume the owner isn’t regularly making changes to keep it at the top of the list.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity Can owners pay to have their listing permanently fixed at the top or is it a bug in the app?


I think it’s a bug that is very beneficial for the lucky HOs who get stuck at the top. Not so good for the other HO, especially those with new listings or who have boosted their listings.

I think owners take down and repost frequently as well

@Crookie, @Angela-HeadOfCommunity is taking a few days off so I am tagging @Therese-Moderator to see if she knows or can direct the question to the appropriate team.

It’s definitely a glitch in the system. I’ve noticed that quite a few times where I see an older listing remain at the top but see more recent ones underneath.

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Yes!! @Crookie, it’s been annoying me too!!!

Hi All … If this does happen again … please always DM a moderator, so we can pass it on to the tech team. It would definitely be a glitch. Thanks so much.

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@Therese-Moderator I’ve just DM you the listing link.