Cancellation of Confirmed Sit

Hi @Leoandme and I can understand your frustration and disappointment with a short notice cancellation. We do encourage our members not to cancel except in extreme cases, but it can be difficult to define extraordinary circumstances especially during this pandemic. So many people have been restricted from seeing their family, even if sick, due to the border closure that’s gone on far longer than people ever expected in WA.

From reading other threads on this topic you’ll see that most sitters, once booked, pride themselves on not changing arrangements, and as full-timers, Ian and I fall in that category. However, it is somewhat easier when there are two of you, as one can always stay (which is what happened when my father passed a few years ago). But all circumstances are unique in house sitting.

What we need to do now is help you find replacement sitters, and I’m going to tag @Therese so that she can get in contact and first of all boost your sit. We can also share it on social media with your consent, to try and help. You can also put a link in your profile here in the forum which many find also helps.

Please be assured we are here to help support you find a replacement. All the best, Vanessa