Cannot apply

Because I can’t open my inbox, i cannot apply for any sit.
Help please

HI @Grandma I have passed this over to the Membership Services Team and also tagged @Therese-MembershipService … someone from the team will connect with you via email

Yes they did. Very frustrating I cannot apply to sits.

@grandma - I see Laura has been assisting but as she is off today, I have now also emailed you from membership services. Kind regards Therese

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I have one more problem today. In LA there is a sit with dates change. Please can you decline for me as I cannot open his message in my inbox.

@Grandma I have passed this over to Membership Services so this will be looked at as soon as it gets picked up by the team. I’ll tag @Therese-MembershipService as well so that she can follow up with you if necessary on Monday when she’s back on the forum.

I downloaded a new app and it worked


How do you get to a real person? Was contact via Twitter? I have a seemingly unsolvable issue, I do not have a green bar or agreed sitter or any button to get rid of a sitter who now is unresponsive to calls and messages - would like to have a contact name to help me

Hi @Toni I have answered your question in another post, your listing is up on the site, I have sent you a screen shot …

What happens if the instructions on the website are inaccurate. I am trying to cancel a now unresponsive sitter and there is no green bar or decline or sitter agreed button on any of the messages. The answer bot is not helpful, the office is closed and I am desperate to give another sitter the opportunity.

Hi @Toni welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining, did you manage to connect with a Membership Services team member as I have checked your listing and it is now live on the site. The Team are still online and close at 11.00 pm GMT …

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 20.55.56

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

There is still no Decline bar - sitter agreement is pending, but I cannot get rid of this sitter.

He is unresponsive to messages and calls and I have asked him to decline. The site is not working in my favor. I cannot engage another sitter until he is off my list

Hi @Toni this is now with Membership Services if they don’t get back to you before 11.00 pm GMT they will look at this when they are back online at 7.00 am GMT …

I’m sorry for the tech issues.

I have taken the dates down from the listing and notified the people who are interested that is happening. I will post again and hopefully it will come up as a new listing and I can ask the prospects to get in touch with me again.

Hi again @Toni I have spoken to James in Membership Services and he is connecting with you via email.

Angela, this is Grandma. Messages are coming to wrong person.

Hi @Grandma there are also other members in this conversation, tagging the person we are replying to will let them know there is a response.

When a question or topic is on the same subject we put them all together in one thread it makes it easy for members to find and read all of the information.

Thank you for highlighting though.