Can't Scroll Through Sits on Website

Since yesterday, I have been unable to scroll through sits on the web version of the site. Sometimes I can get through a few before it stops and sometimes the scroll doesn’t work at all. The scroll bar isn’t even showing up on the side. All the other pages I have looked at work fine–finding a sitter, dashboard,etc… If not already aware, maybe a moderator can pass this through to tech.

I am having the exact same problem this past week.

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Yep, me too. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome, same problem.

Same here and the same sits keep repeating.


Hi @KC1102 thank you for flagging, we have passed this on to the Teach Team …

Update: Tech are aware @KC1102

I’ve also had this same issue for the past few days.

I still cannot scroll on website.

I figured it out. Nevermind.

I wanted to let you know that this has now been fixed, so please do see that it is working on your side. I would suggest that you refresh your page, or log in and out to make sure it works for you now.

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