Can't see enough of page on my Chromebook

Hi. I’m hoping someone can assist me please. When I do a search for a sit I am unable to see the button to click accept my date and filter choices.

Any help would be appreciated. On my mobile phone and desk top PC it’s ok.
Thank you

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Hi Joan (@trustSitCommunity ), I have a vague memory of seeing this somewhere else on the forum in the past, but can’t seem to find it. I’m guessing you’ve tried scrolling further down the screen?

I have passed this over to the technical support team to see if they can reproduce or offer advice - but it may be Monday before we can get back on this one.

Will be interesting to see if any other members use Chromebooks and can provide the solution or workaround. If you do work it out before Monday, please let us know. Happy weekend and all the best, Vanessa

Happens to me too.

If I use the scroll bar (mine’s on the right) and move it down, the entire page moves down and eventually the Apply appears.

A work around I’ve found is if I simply place my cursor in the area of the Apply and click, it seems to work.

Thanks. I couldn’t get it to scroll down enough.

Thank you. Monday will be fine.


Good morning @trustSitCommunity - I have heard back from the tech team. It seems it is to do with the small screen size and as a consequence the necessity to scroll right to the bottom when the apply button should appear.

There is a bar at the right of the screen that you can continually move down until you see the end of the page, and this is when APPLY appears. I’ve seen a video of this working in action this morning, but unfortunately it won’t let me post it here.

Could I ask you to try once more using that little bar and if it still doesn’t work, we’ll pass this over to membership services to follow up with you directly.

All the best, Vanessa

Thank you Vanessa

The scroll bar is so thin I didnt find it. Once I scrolled over the area it became visible. Hard to find each time but does work. Thank you so much.

Kind regards


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