Cat sitter's wanted in the sunny southeast of Ireland

My name is Ailish, Peter and I live in Waterford, in the southeast of Ireland. We have three scaredy rescue cats, hence our being members of trustedhousesitters! We joined some years ago and had very successful house sitters. We left in early 2020 and have now rejoined hoping for an opportunity to travel later in the year.


Hello @Ailish and a very warm welcome back to TrustedHousesitters after your break. And Happy St Patrick’s Day!! :shamrock: :shamrock: :shamrock: Always lovely to hear about successful house sits! Enjoy making connections in the forum and hope your travel plans get underway soon. Where do you have on your wish list of 2022?
All the best
Vanessa and the team

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Welcome, Ailish. I’m from Ireland, now living in the US. I visit Ireland often.

I’m sure you will have no problems finding a sitter for Waterford. It’s a great location.

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Thank you for your warm welcome :grinning: Lassie, yes, Waterford has been voted Irish Times best city to live in Ireland in 2021 Best Place to Live in Ireland 2021: Why Waterford city won
so I’m very optimistic!


Thank you Vanessa, we’re delighted to be back and hoping to visit Portugal in September, also thinking about going somewhere in June, no idea where yet!


It seems like Portugal is a popular place at the moment!!

My brother in law is from Waterford, so my sister goes there often.

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Hello from the state of Minnesota in USA!

I am just beginning my house sitting adventures, here close to home, and will be seeking sits overseas. I will prefer to travel and sit with a companion, hope this would be ok.

I look forward to the opportunity of caring for your sweet rescue cats (I had two…and fostered for years!) and your home in Ireland.


Thank you AnaRose, apologies for my late response to you. We have not made any firm holiday plans for this year as yet - I know we are leaving things a bit late but the expense of travelling in these post covid times is a bit off-putting :face_holding_back_tears:Needless to say we will keep you in mind and let you know if we require a sitter. Just to know, if we do not travel this year can we consider you for next May/June? Regards Ailish

Hi Ailish!

Yes, of course consider me for May/June. It will be dependent on
your weather there, which I don’t know much about, but will
research it!

I am also looking for long sits (month long) in warm desireable climates
during January, February, March, and April.

Thanks for your response! :heartpulse:

Thank you @AnaRose, that’s great! Just so you know, we have a temperate climate here in Ireland - never gets too hot or too cold! However, it does rain a lot. You can never really predict what the weather will be like … May and June are usually quite mild, sunny, dry/wet! September is also a good month as it can be quit warm and reasonably dry.

If you are looking for winter sun you might take a look at The Canary Islands … they usually have warm and sunny winters. Also, any place in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia or New Zealand, is a good options!


Great info-thanks!