Cat with diabetes

Hi everyone.
I’m based in Liverpool and have a lovely gentle black cat called Jinxy. She’s nine and a half and has had diabetes for a year. She needs insulin injections twice a day (usually 7am and 7pm). Are there any sitters who have experience with this?
I’d like to be able to go away the odd weekend and know Jinxy’s health and life is in good hands!
Many thanks. Jinxy Mama

Hi @JinxyMama - There will be many great sitters on THS that have experience giving cats injections. Have you joined THS and listed yet?

If not, I would recommend doing so to get the best response as only a fraction of THS sitters use this forum.

If you have already listed you can embed your listing into your group profile name so that all the sitters on the group can take a look

This is how you do that -

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I believe there are other thread about this (if you search for “insulin” or “diabetes”, you can find them).

You should definitely be able to find a sitter who can medicate the cat. I’m a sitter and homeowner and have tons of cat medication experience, both on my own old (now deceased) cat and with almost 50 foster cats so far. Other sitters have experience also and there are even some sitters that are vets or vet techs…

Even if a sitter doesn’t have experience, a good cat person should be able to give insulin unless Jinxy is hard to medicate. Some meds are more difficult - like pilling some cats or doing sub-cutaneous fluids, like my cat needed.

Good luck.

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Hi @JinxyMama and welcome.
We did a sit in Anglesey for a diabetic cat which entailed using a vet pen twice a day. We had an evening with the homeowner before they left and shown what to do. I also studied a few YouTube videos. I didn’t find the actual injections an issue - I was more concerned in case the cat didn’t appear around the scheduled times! As it turned out it wasn’t a problem and it all went without a hitch.


Hi @JinxyMama. Welcome to our community. I’m a sitter who learned how to give cats insulin injections on a sit, and I’m sure there are many others like me on the TrustedHousesitters platform.

Are you a member? I haven’t been able to find your listing. If you are, or decide to join, I’m sure you won’t have problems finding Trusted sitters who are either experienced giving cats insulin or are open to learning how to do it.

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