Celebrating Maggie's Life

For The Love Of Maggie :dog: :heart: :dog:

Losing one of our pet family members is so very sad, they are all very special and why we are TrustedHousesitters. Today, with the blessing of our member David, we would like you to join us in celebrating the adored, Maggie’s life.

“Maggie. She’s my beautiful, loving, chill mid size maybe Water Dog/some kind of doodle. Was a rescue, 8 years ago, from a good kind home. She’s 12, now. Has travelled with me all over the country - two road trips in the past few years. She’s been everywhere… Has recently lost an eye - glaucoma - and has happily adjusted” David’s words from their THS story…

Maggie and David shared their life and home with sitters who loved her as if she was their own …

Run free Maggie, we will miss you :heart:


What a precious, precious baby. Maggie is carefree and running through the fields with all the other special creatures we miss so dearly!


Message to David: I’m so sorry for your loss.


David, Thank you for rescuing Maggie and for giving her such a great life. I bet you have so many great memories of your road trips! I can imagine her now, hair flowing out of the car window, sniffing out all of the adventures ahead :dog: :heart:
She was very beautiful, sending deepest sympathies :heart: :paw_prints:


David, I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you for giving Maggie a fantastic life that was filled with so many wonderful adventures.


Sorry for your loss. :cry:


SO sorry for your loss :broken_heart:

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