Character limits on reviews?

I finished a sit today. Loved it. Loved the dog. Just wrote a long, positive and honest review (the dog is fantastic but also may not be an easy sit for some people) but no matter how many times I hit submit, it won’t post. I’ve tried via mobile and via the website. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe it’s too long (?). Thoughts??

I thought a sit must be finished? How could you write a feedback on the very day it’s over, i thought you ned to wait until the following day…
Dit it change with the blind new review system?

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@alexformerlyinmadison you might like to wait until tomorrow as you only officially end the sit today. Today is still classified as a sit day so tomorrow you should be fine to post.


@alexformerlyinmadison with the previous review system you did not get the option to write a review on the day a sit finished - but since you have been able to type a review ( although not submit it ) maybe this is a new feature of the blind review system ? Carla_C @Jenny_V can you confirm?
Can we draft reviews before the sit ends ?

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No, we tried to do it on the day our sit ended last week and it wouldn’t load until the day after @Silversitters @alexformerlyinmadison

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Hi @alexformerlyinmadison as other have also mentioned on here, you need to wait until the day after a sit finishes to be able to complete the review. The day the sit finishes is still classed as part of the sit.

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@Candide @Cuttlefish @ziggy @Silversitters @Samox24 Thank you all for replying. I assumed I was clear to leave a review as I received an email from THS asking me to review the sit (so the system believes the sit is over) with a link to the review page.

On a separate note, I really hate lazy UX programming. :woman_facepalming:t2: