Credit where credit's due

And were you available to actually apply for any of them @AnnieNai??

Hello everyone :wave:

Thank you for your patience while this was looked into. The team have said to check that your app is on the latest version. You may need to reload or uninstall and reinstall your app to make sure it is up to date.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and I will let the team know :smiling_face: Thank you.

Yes @Silversitters still happening !

Exactly the same here ! So many notifications mean that I don’t even look at theme : non sense isn’t it ?

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Having done this , I am now not receiving any notifications at all :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I reinstalled the app today @Carla and am now only receiving one notification per listing. Thank you for suggesting this.

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Great news that it worked @temba

@Silversitters Oh that was not the desired outcome, updating the app to the latest version should not have stopped them altogether. Check all of your notification settings and then reach out to the Membership Service team so they can help troubleshoot.

The tech team are still looking into any notification issues so Membership Services can log your issue with them.

I hope they resume soon!

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Hi Carla. The app version that I’m using on my iphone is 2.41.1 which is the same version on today’s app in the App Store. I am still getting double notifications on both my saved searches and my favorites. I’m hesitant to remove the app and re-download it from the App store because I don’t want to take any chances in losing my favorites. This is the newest version, isn’t it?

Hi @AnnieNai, I have the same version on my new iPhone 15 as you. I uninstalled the app yesterday then reinstalled it and I am no longer receiving double notifications for Favourites and Saved Search listings.

Those are not in your app. Those are in the THS system, linked to your account.

It should also show in the web interface that you had marked them as favourites.

I deleted the app and reinstalled it and the double notification problem us fixed. Thanks to everybody for their help. Cheers.

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Done it : it works perfectly now : only 1 notification comes through.
Thank you for the advice. @Carla

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So still double.

And not enough time to get to the Caribbean…

Hello everyone, I am just popping the new topic from the Product team here App Notifications - Please update your App to the latest version as it provides a bit more information. Thank you :slight_smile: