Deleting an HO advert from my Favourites

I have a HO advert on my favourites that I would like to archive but it would appear the HO is no longer a THS member and I can do nothing with the ad.
I think I have asked support before about this and not been able to resolve the matter.
Any ideas anyone as to how I can remove this HO ad from my favourites?
(Background - I applied to the HO but by the time they got back to me I had accepted another sit).

Hi @TravellingWitch - I have raised this issue with THS previously. I have been a member since 2013 and now have a lot of ‘favourites’ who are no longer active on the site but as far as I know there is no way to remove/archive the listings.
It clutters up the site and I have to trawl though an endless list.

Also another query I raised about ‘favourites’ has not been answered. Can only Premium Members see that I have marked them as a favourite or can all HO see that?

I realise this query will be low priority on the list of technical issues that THS are dealing with so have not chased it up.

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Hi @TravellingWitch & @Twitcher unfortunately we don’t currently have that functionality …

Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager - is this something that could be looked at as it does appear to be problematic and a hinderence?

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The product team are aware of this and I’m sure it is on the road map for attention.
Thank you for the feedback …