Favourites [sic]

Some may be aware of the mysterious Heart-shaped icon that appears when you view any owner’s housesit advertisement on THS. When you click the heart-icon, it turns red, and the advert enters your “Favourites” category among the drop-down menu below your membership icon (where you see your picture. This menu also includes “Dashboard” and “Inbox” etc.

One can only imagine why one would need reminding of one’s favorite sits. Rather, it is valuable to list those adverts that for whatever reason one wishes to avoid.

Owners who are no longer active who you have chosen to be your “Favourites” cannot be deleted from the list. ACTIVE owners cannot be deleted from the list without first laboriously visiting their advert, then clicking the “More” icon, then choosing the only option “Remove from my favourites.”

I humbly beseech the product team:

#1. Please allow me to delete inactive adverts in my favorites list
#2. Please make the deletion process easy. A simple “delete” Icon adjacent to the owner on the list would be great.
#3. The “More” button? With only one dropdown option? Really, does this make any sense? How about replacing it two buttons: 1. “Add to List”; 2. “Delete from List?”
#3. Instead of a Heart-Icon that is meaningless, a “My List” button would work to add owners to …my list, which includes owners I wish to avoid using the “BAD” label I created for owners who:
A. decline my offer without explanation;
B. waited less than one week to decide if anyone may sit for them;
C. I wouldn’t wish my worse enemy to meet.
D. have adverts that are absurdly vague
E. have adverts for females only


Sic erat scriptum quia nos brittunculi creavit! :wink:


Brittunculi fecerunt in arte sua solito dexter, sed omnino inutilem responsio.

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@Samson @Saltrams could you translate latin, i have no such dictionnary at home and google translator is a nightmare…

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I’m sorry @Samson @Provence - I just couldn’t resist the apposite nature of the reply.

Samson wrote “Favourites (sic)”, sic is “sic erat scriptum” which in turn means “written thus” implying that the quote is in some way incorrect; it is usually used for spelling mistakes etc.

However, THS, being a British company, employs the English spelling (Samson no doubt would spell the word “favorites”).

Therefore, as Samson employed Latin to imply that “favourites” was an error, I used Latin to comment:

“So it was written because we wretched Brits invented it thus”

As to Samson’s reply, Google Translate doesn’t just murder Latin, it hacks up the corpse and feeds it to the fish. There are no good Online Latin translators, it’s just too difficult for anyone to develop for free, hence the dog Latin response. I suspect Samson meant something like I have the right to reply artfully but the reply is useless.

I should add that my Latin is no less canine and a scholar would have stern words to say about my post too. My qualifications are in ancient history & archaeology, which means I only know a little, which is always a dangerous thing!

PS: My point rests; American is a separate language in itself but we own the rights to the original.


@Saltrams i love your posts. It changes a lot from the ones we can usually read on Facebook. I just studied latin during a year. When I was 10, more than half a century ago! (It may sound strange for sitters in their twenties. Did Angela make a selection between the forum testers?)

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Really, the original English is such a mis-mash; however, it is an excellent example of strength in diversity. The most popular language on the planet.

Now if only brittunculi running the show could act on, or even reply to, the original post.

Much of what sitters complain about owners could easily be recorded in the favorites menu with two labels that I have set: “Good (Green)” and “Bad (Red).” For example, if your pet peeve (forgive the pun), is homeowners who drop your application with no explanation, then add them to your Favorites list with a “Bad” label.

Conversely, homeowners polite enough to explain their decision not to choose me, receive a “Good” label in my Favorites.

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