How to delete HO from favorites when they are no longer active

I have been trying to clean up my favorite HO lists, but I am unable to delete the HO that are no longer active in THS. Any advice?

Following as I’d also like to know the answer…

I’ve wondered the same thing. Hopefully there is a way to do so without having to contact THS support.

This has been asked before @gmlwiseman and the answer is you can’t remove them but you may be able to archive them on the app by pressing on their photo.

Sadly, this doesn’t work :disappointed:

The app doesn’t show you the HO that are inactive. In the computer version, you can,t click on the HO that are inactive.

I asked customer support before and they said it is not possible to do

My favourites list is becoming a bit cluttered with owners that are now inactive but I can’t see how to delete/archive them.