Deleting "No Longer Active" Listings in Favorites & Archives

After seven years of searches and housitting in 10 locations in four countries, I have a Favorites list that is swamped with listings once “favorited” but now “NO Longer Active” with no way of deleting them. I initially started simply “archiving” these to move them away from my current favorites, but it seems when I click the “View More” link at the bottom of my favorites list, it adds all those “no longer active” archived listings to the bottom of my current favorites list along with any new favorites recently added.
This problem is more than a year (or two?) old…what’s happening with “TRUSTED HOUSESITTERS”?

I’m having the same issue and contacted THS for that reason last year. They removed the ‘no longer active’ listings from my favorites. However, I agree with you that there must be a less complicated way.

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This issue has been brought up by others as well.

I think it would be more effective if you copy and paste this or quote it into the “what features” thread.

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I contacted THS support about the same thing. It’s super frustrating! They said there was nothing they could do about it. Shocking as it’s a pretty basic tech fix. Feels like very little of their funds go to site upkeep and advancement.

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Along these same lines…
How can I remove messages from my inbox for listings that are “currently not active”. It would help if we could archive or remove them as to not clutter the inbox from current messages.

Check your inbox on the website:

Or in the app:

@Maggie8K This doesn’t work if the member is no longer active. We can’t even access the conversation. I have litteraly many pages of those cluttering my inbox.

If you’re in the app and use the edit function, you shouldn’t need to access the msg thread — you should be able to archive it that way. If not, try checking with membership services and see whether they have an alternative or can delete for you.

I have done it before, fairly certain it hasn’t changed, not sure why it would? Try this @Dominique. You can’t delete messages of any kind but you can archive them. Let’s know how you get on. :pray: