Disabling homeowner membership--will I still have access to sitters who saved my listing

I am thinking about downgrading my membership to just sitter. Will I still have access to potential sitters who saved my listing when I was looking for a sitter, should I reactivate it in the future?

Hello @tortimom

Thank you for reaching out with your question.

If you choose to renew as a sitter-only membership then your home listings, feedback etc will all be saved and ready for you to activate again when you are ready.

I am sure that this is the same with your favourites as this is all part of your listing but will tag @Therese-Moderator just to double-check.

@tortimom Yes, to confirm what @Carla-Moderator mentions.
All that information is saved and will be reactivated once you re-join as a combined member again.