Saved house listing alert

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How does one distinguish between the saved generic geographic search email alerts and the specially saved favorited house new dates posted alert?

@HelloOutThere They will say different things. One says ‘this sit in London (for example) has new dates.’ The other says ‘new results for your saved search ‘whatever you named it’.’


Do you know how to see what sitters have “saved” a homeowners post?

They can only see if they have the higher two membership levels. I’m a sitter so not sure of the exact mechanism. But I’m pretty sure its been posted before. Just do a search on rhe forum or ask support.

A petparent/owner can see which sitters have saved their listings, if they have standard or premium memberships.


this is the drop down under my name on the web site for a standard combined membership. I can click on the “who saved” and I have about 16 sitters that saved our listing and I can then click on the sitter to review their profile.


Thanks for sharing that. "Who’s saved your listing: doesn’t display on my account; I both sit and HO, and pay for the basic combined membership.