How do I find sitters that favorited my home?

How do I find sitters that have favorited my home? I can’t remember how I used to do that😩

Go to the main page, click on your profile picture and go to “Who’s saved your listing”

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It seems that this is only available for HOs who pay premium rates.

I have a Standard Pet Parent membership. So maybe you are right.

Yes thank you! I thought I had a premium membership for some reason. I upgraded and saw what I was looking for immediately.

@pietkuip Just to help those reading the ‘Who’s saved your listing’ is available for Standard and Premium owner plans:

@Carla I am just a basic sitter and would say that all higher plans come at a premium.

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@pietkuip Good point! I took it literally as in the wording only premium (not basic or standard) plans might have this, but that is another way to look at it so thank you for pointing that out :smiling_face:

I have a premium membership but still can’t find out who saved my listing.