Dog with special medical needs

Hi all , greetings from sunny Spain
My dog has special medical needs as being diabetic , blind and chronic pancreaitis, therfore needs fed 3 times a day , medication twice a day and 2 daily insulin injections .
My question is due to the timescale my sitter can only leave the house between 10.00am and 2.00pm or 2.00pm to 9.00pm but would prefer if only went out for approx 5/6 hours a day , is this unreasonable to ask of someone as when i advertise for a sitter i dont get many reply ,
Thanks in advance for your thoughts


Hello @DENISE64 it won’t be for every one but equally there will also be plenty of sitters who are fine with meds, injections and 5/6 hours away. The other factors that will come into play are the pull of your location, use of car possibly and type of house (comfy, attractive etc). If you’d like some extra feedback from experienced sitters, please feel free to add your listing to your forum profile. Sunny Spain :es: is appealing all round :raised_hands:t3:


Please can you tell me how to add my listing to my forum profile .
Many thanks

For me personally, 5/6 hours wouldn’t be a problem but it would depend on other things like the location of your house etc.


Hi @DENISE64 you can add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link :blush:

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help.

It’s not unreasonable at all. We wouldn’t think anything of it, but we generally don’t leave any dogs alone for more than 4hrs, which is just ‘our choice’ as we love being around the pets most of the time, it’s where we get our enjoyment.

Just pop it in your profile so people know upfront, and make sure that the sitter you go with knows-knows the do’s and don’ts too.

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I don’t think that would not be unreasonable at all. The only time we’ve even been away from a home on a sit is 5 hours and that was with 4 cats that had a cat door and could come and go as they please.
I think that insulin injections might prevent some people from applying but there are many who wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. I’d probably leave that to my wife to do, though. She’s a retired nurse.
We loved our sits in Spain and would certainly apply under those circumstances. If you are having trouble getting a sitter, linking your listing would allow feedback to help improve your applications. Not knowing about your sit, things that would prevent us from applying would have to do with a lack of public transportation/proximity to grocery stores/restaurants.
Dan and Nan

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I think 5-6 hours is ample time to be away from the home. As someone else has said, depending on where your home is located. There are plenty of sitters who have experience of medicating and injecting animals, as long as you make that all clear in your instructions

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Hola @DENISE64
This would interest me and I’m sure others if dates and other details would match.
There really is someone for someone when everything clicks.


People like my family work and do school from home so 5 to 6 hours is more than enough.

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The number of sitters who apply probably are narrowed by each factor or complication involved in a sit. So say someone didn’t have a problem with being away less than five or six hours (many of us don’t mind), but many sitters don’t know how to (or might not want to) administer shots. Or they might be worried about sitting for a dog with health issues, because they might get sick and leave the sitter with extra care, maybe even leave them housebound.

In your situation, I’d suggest posting your sits well in advance and considering what elements you can control to make the sits more inviting. That could better your odds for finding a good sitter. And with an unhealthy or elderly dog, personally, I’d especially want a good sitter.

You can link to your sit in your bio and various folks on the forum can share feedback on how to potentially make your sit more appealing: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile.

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If you felt comfortable showing me how to give the shots, I’d be fine with your requirements.

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Hello @DENISE64 If you need any help I can add your THS listing link to your forum profile so that others can give you helpful feedback :slight_smile: Just let me know.

Thank you Carla, i thought i could add my profile so sitters could see my dog and house for people to save me if intrested in future sits , but is it only when i put dates on that can be linked here .

Hello @DENISE64 I popped it in there for you as even without dates sitters should still be able to view the listing via the link. It will just say ‘Currently no sitter needed’.
If you click on your user name and then the link it should open for you and others can also do this :slight_smile:

HI @DENISE64 , I think your listing looks lovely – beautiful home, adorable dog, exotic location. There are many sitters who would be comfortable caring for Brandy.

I would like to see more information for those who do not have a car. How do-able is it without a car? Is there any public transport and if so, how far away is it and how frequently does it run? You say the nearest supermarket is 5 min away and the nearest beach is 15 min away. Is this by car? By foot? How many miles away are they? Because your dog requires a regular schedule for meals and insulin injections, sitters will not be able to be gone for extended periods so travel time needs to be figured in. You may also want to consider offering use of a car.

Your last sitter gave you a wonderful review!

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