Doing my intro 16 months later from ...nomadic USA

I’ve been a pet sitting nomad for 16 months. I traveled through and from California to Utah (state parks!), Colorado, New Mexico and then spent a bunch of time last winter in the south… all over Florida, and Savannah and Charleston.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve met and loved so many amazing animals.

I’ll be heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico in a few weeks, and hope to stick around there for a while.

Grateful for THS (as annoying as the duration sit bug is atmm :joy:).

Happy holidays from The Butterfly Nomad! You can see my travel journey in photos and reels on IG by the same name…



Welcome, Ronit! I also am from NorCal (Sacramento), though now I’m in Texas.

FYI, the link in your forum profile currently is incorrect. It goes to the viewer’s TH profile. Here again are the link instructions:

It was a little confusing for me, too, though I’m pretty techy. I had to read the directions and follow them step-by-step.

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thanks and oops! I thought I followed those directions… hmmmm

Great hearing from fellow nomads! This year has roughly been Minneapolis → Burlington → Boston → D.C. → New Jersey → Québec → Halifax… 2023 will have me back in the Boston area and then the D.C. area for a month. Five of those stays in 2022 have been with Trusted Housesitters. Hoping to get more time in New Mexico sometime, but also hoping to get back to Canada this summer. Perhaps we’ll cross paths sometime! Have a great new year!


Well, your link looks good now!

Cheers to more of your amazing journey!

I grew up in Minneapolis! :slight_smile:

Northern CA > Southern CA > Utah > Colorado > New Mexico > road trip east > New Orleans > Florida (various!) > Atlanta > Charleston SC > Georgia > back to Florida > Asheville NC > back to Colorado (current)

I’m headed to Santa Fe in a few weeks and hope to stay there for several months, I may be pet sitting in Taos as well, for the month of April.

Let me know if you make it New Mexico.


Hi Ronit, welcome! We’re also nomadic sitters, but haven’t been at it quite as long as you have. We drove away from our storage unit outside Houston in November, visited family for a bit and are now on sit #4 through TH. We have a few more and then will likely take it outside the US for a while. Santa Fe will also be a nice place to spend some time! Btw my wife is also a Cali girl.

Very nice photos on your IG!

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So fun to do this as a couple! That’s the one thing that has been challenging for me, doing it alone and being in new places where I don’t know anyone. Lonely at times. Still worth it.

Wasn’t it amazing to drive away…? It certainly was for me. Thanks for following my IG.


Hello @thebutterflynomad and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
That’s a fantastic journey you have had so far, whereabouts have you enjoyed staying the most on your travels? :blush:

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Sounds like an epic adventure. Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico are two of my favorite places. I’m a west coast Northern Californian part-time nomadic sitter. I have a good friend from high school days who owns a home high atop a mesa outside of Taos. She lives there part-time. I adore the cultural heritage of Santa fe and Taos two very special places. Where are you from?

Taos is wonderful! I prefer it over Santa Fe. Btw, my maternal side is from Minnesota , originally the Mesabi Iron range but now everyone is in the twin cities.