Excited to be a part of this pet loving community!

Hi! I’m Dawn and I’m an International Flight attendant for United Airlines. I’m so excited that I stumbled upon this community because it is a perfect match for my love of travel and animals. I have two fur babies at home that are the center of my universe and I’m so fortunate to have family nearby to look after them when I’m traveling. I am so ready for my first petsitting experience and look forward to caring for your pets as if they were my own.


Well home to a very warm and addictive home.

Hi and welcome from another flight attendant! I have been flying for Lufthansa for 34 years, international and domestic flights.
Me and my husband are HO in Germany and, hopefully, when travel will go back to normal, he will join me again on longer layovers all around the world.
We are also very new to THS and in less than two weeks the first sitter will care for our two cats when go for the first holiday in two years.
Where are you based?

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Hi!! I’m based in NYC (EWR) but haven’t flown since co-vid hit. United has been offering leaves and I keep taking them since all of our International flying has been cut back so much and domestic here in the states is just awful! Killer long days with several stops and short layovers, I’ve been lucky that I was able to take the leaves. I’m suppose to go back in November but with the Delta variant spreading like wild fire, I’m hoping they’ll extend the leaves. I really miss my International flying, I was doing a lot of Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Rome, Barcelona, Frankfurt etc…but so much has changed, it’s going to be a different world when I go back, whether it’s in November or next year, I don’t see this going away anytime soon, which is just so sad. How are things over at Lufthansa? Are you based in Frankfurt? So happy to hear that you’re getting the chance to go on holiday, I was thinking of going to Portugal later this month but decided to stay here in the states. Where are you going? I’m hoping at least one of the places I applied for goes through because either one would be a nice little get-away’s for me.
So nice to connect. Have a wonderful holiday and when things get back to normal I can always hop over and take care of your littles for you!
Take care and stay safe.
Dawn Richards


Hi @flygirl777 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our friendly community. I was going to say we’ve a few flight attendants here, but I see they’ve already found you!! Travel and pets are very much the focus here, and with your regular travels we’d love to see more about your trips over in the travel category… I’m sure you must have some great tips!!

Please tell us more about your fur babies … I’m on a constant hunt for virtual pet fixes as currently on a long term pet free sit in France. Some pix maybe?

If you’ve got any questions about the pet sitting process, don’t hesitate to ask the community… I just know you’ll get some helpful advice, and in the meantime enjoy connecting! All the best, Vanessa

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@flygirl777 I am based in Frankfurt and since July flights are picking up again, not to normal yet but getting there. I have had no flights at all from mid October to March, before that only a few short haul in summer but I just arrived back from ORD this morning and will be going there again next week. We also did have the chance to apply for going on leave up to 3 years but in Germany this is very expensive as you have to pay for your health insurance yourself, so this wasn’t an option I wanted to take.

Right now I feel most comfortable flying to the US, because you can keep your distance if you want to but otherwise everything is open, restaurants and shops, so at least it feels relatively normal. I do fly to EWR! I can let you know when I get a flight there and we could have a coffee somewhere.

What I definitely don’t agree to is fly to China, Hong Kong and Singapore at the moment, because I refuse to be locked up in a hotel room, especially as I am fully vaccinated. They don’t give you a room key so there’s no chance to get back in in case you urgently need to leave the room and they put meals in front of your door. You have to take tests right before the flight and when you arrive, then wait for the results, which makes these days endless.
There’s also no way I am going to India.

The worst thing however are these endless discussions with passengers who don’t abide to the rules and refuse to wear their masks properly…you definitely don’t miss that! We’re flying with minimum crew (but service isn’t really cut back) at the moment and that’s also not really fun to do :-1:t2:but, well, you get used to anything.

@flygirl777 …text was too long :roll_eyes::rofl:

I think (as long as there will be no new mutations popping up) next year most countries will let in fully vaccinated travellers, which I hope will get us halfway back to normal again.

For now we only go on holiday to the Netherlands with another couple and we have rented a house boat for a week. So even if there was another lockdown we can provide for ourselves and aren’t depending on open restaurants.
In December we would love to go to South Africa for 10 days but we are going to wait until the last possible moment with reservations for car rental and lodging, as well as for our listing for to go online…you never know.

It’s great to connect and hope to meet you some day!
Stay safe as well

@flygirl777 its PLANE to see you are going to enjoy the TAIL SPIN of pet sitting Dawn and when you TOUCH DOWN at your first sit it will be the start of great memory making with all those lovely animals …so BUCKLE up…there may be some TURBULENCE along the way but mostly it will be blue sky and smooth FLIGHT!