Excited to see a homeowner from Tbilisi!

Not introducing myself here, but wanting to give a shout-out to a Tbilisi host with two cats. The sit they’ve posted is for over two months, in the middle of the city. If I were free for those dates, I’d apply – but since I’m not, I just want to say that it’s so great to see a house-sit in the Republic of Georgia. I’ve spent time in Tbilisi, and it’s a truly fascinating place. The food is unbelievable, for starters, and Georgia is where the art of winemaking is said to have originated. The script of the Georgian language looks like elvish, although in the midst of downtown you can get by with English and Google Translate. Anyway, I just want to encourage adventurous pet-sitters to consider applying to sit in this amazing city!


Another place to add to my bucket list! I just took a look at the sit, which I’m unable to do, and it does look great with 2 gorgeous kitties. No applicants yet so hope they get some soon


It is great to see indeed! I have heard nothing but good from people who’ve been to Georgia! I would definitely be interested in future dates, just not in winter I’m afraid :grinning:


This is so awesome to see, Georgia is high on my list of places I want to go. I can’t go for these dates unfortunately, but a friend of mine who has been considering joining TH is planning to go to Georgia around that time. Thanks for the heads up, forwarding it to her!


I’d be happy to do a sit in Georgia. Traveled in the while still the USSR including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and to Estonia and Ukraine post USSR and do want to explore more.
But I’m already sitting in Australia Dec-Jan.


Hi @toml
Hope you’re doing well? We met at the first London meet-up with our respective canine charges.
I’m currently in New Zealand. I hope you enjoy your time in Oz

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I saw that ad and was a bit tempted to apply but then abandoned that thought.

My Georgian experience was a tad different than yours. Arrived on March 2, 2020. On March 3, the borders closed and I was “stuck” there for 6 months. 3 months in Batumi and 3 months in Tbilisi. No people in the streets, with an exception of some grocery stores everything was shut down incl the metro. In addition, curfew at 9 or even earlier. On the positive side, it was very safe, with hardly any covid cases, and unbelievably cheap.

This is not the case today or so I hear. Georgia, especially Tbilisi is a primary destination for fleeing Russians. Consequently, all the rentals and life in general quadrupled and each month the prices are going up and up.

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I’ve just checked again and the sit isn’t being advertised