Feedback on new ‘5 applications and freeze’ system?

@K8M sorry you’re incorrect. @Timshazz is on the money


@K8M see this earlier post for an “explanation” of how the pausing works ( nothing about 24 hours ) :


1 Mar
…… I have found some further information regarding the applications which is likely to be applicable to your previous issue.

  • If you click apply when the listing has four applications and as long as you keep the application box open and do not navigate away then your application will be received and so will everyone else’s who has followed this process. This is currently happening and tech have seen listings with multiple applications received this way.
  • Make sure you apply when you see four applications and do not navigate away or close the window or let your browser time out.
  • However, if you click on apply at the exact same moment that the listing receives its final 5th application and goes into reviewing then you will still see the message box but will be unable to send the application.
  • So the difference is precise timing. If the 5 application is submitted as you open the application window you will not be able to reply as technically the 5 application has been received and the listing is already in reviewing.
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You know, I was interested to read the few comments here that are in favor of the 5 application limit – despite the technical inaccuracies, until the commentary began to sound like gaslighting. (And similar to what a moderator once wrote to me in a private message.) The answer to your question: profit and metrics.


Hi @K8M it’s interesting to read your perspective as a new sitter and that you are happy with the system as it is. You are, however, unable to compare it to what it was which is what many of the very experienced sitters on the forum can. They have very genuine reasons for their opinions. Enjoy your sitting experience.


@K8M barely understand??? I think you might have just opened up a huge can of worms with that statement!

I, personally, have been with TH for 5 yrs and I understand, but many have been on since it’s inception or a very long time, going waaaay back. I am pretty sure THEY all understand, everything.


This rule does not force sitters to consider all sits.

Unfortunately it’s not time driven @K8M - it’s simply fastest finger first for five!! HOs seem to also have become slower not faster in responding to applications since its introduction. It doesn’t “force us to consider” more sits, it just sends us off to alternative house sitting platforms instead. #gofigure


Did YOU know that studies have shown people refuse to change their beliefs even when presented with facts which contradict them?

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We in no way want to stop the flow of this thread and there has been some great discussion here, so just a reminder at this point of our kindness values and that everyone has different opinions and perspectives and that’s what makes our community great. Thank you for keeping it respectful and kind.

K8M Unfortunately, you are mistaken about how it works. There is no 24 hour timeline (I’ve actually suggested that new sits be available for at least 24 hours). Sits in popular areas often get 5 apps and go to reviewing status within minutes. The only people who can apply are those who happen to be on the site and looking for sits in that area at the time the listing is posted.

I tried favoriting tons of listings so that I would get notifications and be able to apply. However, that does not work because the notifications for favorites are not instant. I get notifications every single day for sits that are already reviewing at the time I am notified. So, I never have any opportunity at all to apply to those sits.

That is why people are complaining. We can apply to some sits, but not all. It’s like having a limited membership even though we are paying full price. And no, it does not force us to consider other sits. I don’t have to sit at all. If I’m planning to go to a particular city and I’m not allowed to apply to sits in that city, I’m not going to consider sits in other areas, I’m going to get a hotel or Airbnb.

People (both sitters and HOs) have valid reasons for complaining. It’s not because we don’t know how it works, it’s because we do, and it is having a negative impact on us.


I am really sorry but that is absolutely incorrect. I am glad you appreciate this, but unless you see a sit straight away, and apply on it within 5 applicants submitting their profile, it is going to “reviewing applications” and “frozen”. Yes, more than 5 people might have clicked on apply now, and slipped through the “freeze” in time, but there is no 24h timeframe to apply. I would love to understand what you mean by that, along with saved searches.
My saved searches never alert me as soon as a sit is posted, they appear about an hour later, and as soon as I click on the sit, it’s already reviewing applications.
The only way to guarantee getting in, on time, is to constantly refresh the page…

Funny thing is that usually when somebody writes something about the THS system that is obviously not true, moderators will jump in and provide clarifications. But it did not happen in this case. It was left to ordinary members to correct this with correct information.


@pietkuip Brand new member. 1st post. Had spent 30 mins reading the forum before posting. I have the receipts (screenshot) Not been seen since. The post happened not long after the poll was put up and results unanimously showed people dislike the 5 app pause. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


we are ALL thinking what you are thinking :rofl:.


Hello :wave: @pietkuip Since you mentioned it we are happy to provide clarification, we are always happy to help, but if a member answers the question and provides the correct information then that is always the best way to help - peer-to-peer advice is amazing!

@Timshazz @Nadia111 I think you are overthinking this one :wink:

Happy weekend :grin:


Hi @cat.tails - how do I vote on the poll? I don’t see any option to click on the poll and vote

So what many people get rightly upset about is getting notifications of sits that one cannot apply for.

I do not know the technical details but that must be listings that were marked as favourites by maybe thousands of sitters? And then thousands of mobile phones give a pling. All at the same time, or is this done one after another? (Even if it just takes a hundredth of a second per notification, it might take tens of seconds maybe minutes to send them all.)

This is clearly not smart on the part of THS. Alerts that do not work are irritating, disappointing, upsetting, causing resentment. And that stupid blank screen!

So controversial proposal: set a limit on the number of notifications that are sent.

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I voted here

but maybe the poll is over/closed now?

I think the issue with notification is the delay. There is about an hour or something like that between the listing time publishing time and the time the notification is sent, so people logging on or refreshing the page, that are directly in front of the screen while the listing is published, see it appear in real time. So having favorites as you say, is just creating frustration as you see then gone by the time the system warns you of their publishing


@NadiaTHS Saved searches (the ones that were created in the app) generate notifications with delays of up to one hour.

For favourites, notifications come sooner than that. But even then, clicking those “immediately” can be too late. Others must have been notified earlier, and read something, and have had the time to send an application with at least a minimum of text. So I wonder about the timing of notifications for favourites. And I believe that THS should put a limit on how many are sent out.

And I wonder about bots. I cannot imagine a human constantly refreshing a page for hours on end. Someone may have a computer program for that.

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