Finding a sitter

Hi I’ve just joined recently and live in Cornwall UK and though I have put a few dates up I have had no applications. What am I doing wrong?


I am in the same boat. I think it is difficult to get a sitter over Christmas. I am starting to get worried that I may not find someone :pensive:

I wish you all the luck!


Welcome, @Paula55! If you add your listing to your profile, then everyone can give feedback. See here:


Hi @Paula55. I’m sorry you are having difficulty attracting sitters. I have looked at your listing and I do have a few suggestions.
Photos of your home all tend to be in portrait mode which limits how much of a room a sitter can see. They also tend to be rather dark.
You have not included any description of your home (eg. number of beds available to sitters) to “sell” your home to sitters. With over a third of all English listings being for the festive season, you have much competition.
Is the sit more suitable to a couple where there are 3 dogs to walk? Are you including a car for the sitters to take them to the beach or woods or expecting sitters to use their own?
I would use the photo of your 3 dogs on the purple couch as your first photo to attract sitters.
A good idea is for you to view your listing so you actually see what sitters see. Just put in Camborne or Cornwall in “Find a Sit” and you’ll see what we see.
I hope this helps and I’m sure other members will offer their advice too.


I agree on the photos. There is lots of competition for sitters over Christmas, so OP needs to market the sit.

I would also change the headline, especially to emphasize that you are flexible on dates. Only the first few words show on a search, so start with “Flex dates in Cornwall” maybe. No need to list the animals in the headline - we can see that in the thumbnail.

Do sitters really NEED a car if they are walking distance to amenities. That tag deters a lot of sitters.

How long is the walk that the dogs need - 15 minutes? an hour?

Good luck.


Thanks for all your replies they have been very helpful.

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Thanks for all your help. I changed my listing and got a sitter :tada::tada::tada: