Finding where to leave Feedback for Homeowner's on Desktop and Mobile App

Hello THS community! First off, I have to say how much I appreciate that the mods and product team take into account the discussions here and try to make changes. It’s great to see a company constantly taking feedback and improving like this.

A question for all- I am finding it difficult to find the tab to leave Feedback after a housesit is complete. On the mobile app, it is a little easier but still not clear, and on the site it is near impossible to find. It seems as if this could be made more user friendly, as it prompts some sitters to not leave feedback at all simply due to forgetting or not being prompted.

That said, it would be great if there was an email sent to the sitter and the housesit host prompting for feedback/review. We all rely a good bit on Feedback when considering a housesit, and I’m sure vice versa with Reviews for a Homeowner. It seems as it stands, it is an afterthought on the site and mobile after a sit is complete and takes some effort to find how to leave feedback.


Hello @eandnhousesit and thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry you are struggling to find where the FEEDBACK button is on the website. When you are logged in and on your dashboard, you simply open the dropdown menu (the ^ to the right of your name) and you’ll see Feedback as indicated in the screenshot.

This is also where you’ll find reviews given to you by homeowners.

There always was a reminder email but there were some issues with this. I’m going to check the status of that and will get back to you.

Hope this helps at least with one part of your query.

All the best, Vanessa

After our most recent sit, when I went to our Dashboard (on the website), a window popped up prompting us to leave a Review, as well as request Feedback.

Nice new feature.


Hello! Thank you for the reply. Yes, I can locate it to review my Feedback overall. I was moreso asking about after I complete my most recent sit, where do I go to leave feedback for that specific sit? On the mobile app, it is a little easier to find, but still not all that obvious.

I’m not sure when you finished your most recent sit @eandnhousesit but if it was today you will not be able to give feedback until tomorrow, the day after the sit has finished.

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I’ve also not seen reminder emails as a sitter, and had to bug most of my hosts to leave me feedback.

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