Friendly Northern UK lady pet lover and passion for travel

Hi everyone I’m new to this site, can’t wait to get started and be there for other pet owners who just want someone trusting to be with their beloved pets. I am based currently in Cumbria, north west uk, however have lived in London for many years and I love free spirited travel- prepared to go anywhere :blush::pray:t2::sparkles:Namaste !


Welcome @SunshineLaura, from another, rather more drizzly, cloudy sort of Laura :wink: (that’s really my name, I’m not taking the mick).
You sound to have the right perspective for this game. Are you new to sitting or just new here?

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Welcome @SunshineLaura. My great aunty lived in Brampton all her life. Nice part of the world.
Good luck with your sits.

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Hi Laura, I’m so sorry to hear that , I hope you are getting on ok, but it takes time to move through grief - be kind to youteelf :pray:t2::sparkles:
I’m just new on here, I’ve done sits before and I’m just waiting for my references
Thankyou for asking ! Good luck :blush:

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Welcome to this wonderful world. If you can be flexible, all the better!

Thankyou so much ! Good luck to you too :blush:


Hello @SunshineLaura. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community forum. I’m glad you’ve joined us and have started getting to know some of our members. You do sound like a wonderful sitter!

One thing you might want to do while you’re waiting to get your referrals onto the site is add a link to your TrustedHousesitters page to your forum profile. Then our members here could take a look and possibly suggest ways to fine tune it. Lots of our new forum members have found great success that way.


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