Fun Fur Family in Sun Valley, Idaho

Hi! My name is Kimmie and I’ve lived in the Wood River Valley for 22 years. It is sublime and one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I have 5 wonderful pets and 2 grown daughters. I’m considering a move to Cabo San Lucas They are all super chill and of course, Goldens are the kindest little attention-seeking pups on earth! I love to travel, cook, hike, and explore. I raised my daughters here and will always want to be somewhere they will want to visit! My home was a B&B but now it’s simply a place where I love to have visitors and family.

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Welcome, Kimmie ~ I love Sun Valley, and it is true: it is stunning, so beautiful, so refreshing, and walkable. I love all the paths, the river running through, the shops, health foods available, and the people. My family and I spent every Christmas staying in the SV Lodge, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. I went back for a visit for a week last year, and wow! It is just as splendid as all the years we were there, a winter wonderland, and equally sublime in every season.


Hello, @kimisesnon I would also like to welcome you to the community. It is great to have you here!

I had a look at your listing and it looks great. If I can offer some feedback then maybe add how long the dogs can be left for, for example for the sitters to go shopping and out and about.

I can also see in the amenities list that you have selected that the sitters can use your car. That is fantastic and very generous. Does the sitter need to take the dogs in the car for their walks or can they walk them straight from the property?

Also maybe add into the description that the sitter can use your car as they might not immediately see that if they do not scroll through the amenities list.

Just some thoughts and tips and I am sure that other community members will view your listing and offer you some helpful feedback.

Best wishes Carla

Thanks very much! I appreciate it.


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Hi Carla,
Thanks so much for your tips! I added and edited so maybe you can take another look?

How fun! I grew up coming here with my family and skating in the ice show lol. Great pics!!!

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Hello, @kimisesnon I have had a look and the updates are great! It is so very helpful to let the sitters use your car, the gang’s routine seems very straight forward and the dogs can be left for a while so sitters can explore.
I hope that you get some amazing applications soon.
Any questions let me know and feel free to direct message me as well :grin: