Good day from Perth, Western Australia

We are Giulio and Dolores. We are not new to housesitting but are coming back to the best lifestyle after a break of a few years. We are off to the UK and already have several great sits set up. Most of the sits are in the south of England and we are planning to do the Scotrail Scotland circuit through the highlands in early November. Looking forward to meeting you on the road. Kind regards :o)


Hello Giullo and Dolores (aka @Bestsits) and welcome to the forum. It’s so encouraging to see our Aussie house sitters getting back to international travel - we’ve missed you in the UK!! When do you begin your travels?

Just before lockdown we’d planned to do the NC500 in a camper van but it’s become extremely popular now, so I like your idea of the Scotrail circuit … trains are such a lovely way to see the country. Please do report back in our travel category when your trip begins! And if you enjoy meeting people on the way, do drop some dates in our UK meetup category/topic.

Enjoy your house sits and your travel adventures! All the best, Vanessa and the team