Grand Rising from Western NC

I was originally born in Guyana in the rural area of Georgetown where my family cared for several different animals over the few years I lived there. Parrots, birds, dogs, and even a monkey named Spanner Banner (found out years later he was named after a Reggae). Cows, donkeys, chickens, and exotic birds were also common in the area.

I moved to the US NJ/NY metro area when I was 6 and have since only had 1 pet Labrador named Samson and a rescue kitten named Snow.

I’ve since been working remotely in IT/Website Development and traveling anywhere from part of the year to full-time as a digital nomad. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel throughout the beautiful United States and parts of Mexico, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, and the Philippines but my love of constant travel is not ideal for having pets of my own.

I am stoked to have joined THS this year which has allowed me (and often my partner) to care for so many pets and spaces while making traveling that much more rewarding. We look forward to connecting and continuing to have great exchanges here.


Hello @DevKev and a warm welcome to the TrustedHousesitters community, we are happy you found us here where you’ll find lots of remote workers (me included) and digital nomads who have successfully made pet sitting a part of their lifestyle! Who would have thought years ago this would even be an option, let alone the possibility of working remotely with the company of pets… we frequently have a cat curled up on or by the keyboard :heart_eyes: Finding TrustedHousesitters is certainly going to fill that gap you clearly need filling with lots of pet companionship - a win for everyone!!

Where are you working from at the moment? Are you currently on a house sit?

Please feel free to share some pics… and, if you want to link to your THS profile here in the forum, these are the instructions. It’s a great way to connect with others and get extra eyes on your main profile!

Thanks for joining our forum and welcome to our family of pet lovers!

Have a lovely day
Vanessa and the forum team

Thanks Vanessa,

Currently working from Charlottesville, VA not too far from home-base in Asheville, NC.

1 of 4 kittens on this current site + pics of past sits.


Thanks for sharing @DevKev … I spent some time in Charlottesville around 20 years ago!! It was my first experience of homes with sofas on the outside balcony/terrace (not sure what you call it in the US) … enjoyed Virginia… it reminded me of the English countryside, just across a wider area!

Yes, love a large front “porch”. It’s very southern :slight_smile:

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Hi @DevKev. I too am a nomadic remote worker. Isn’t this a great lifestyle? Charlottesville is a beautiful area. Will you be there long enough to get out into the mountains to see the fall foliage?

No, back in Western NC which is homebase and the best place to be in the Fall.

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