Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland

My name is Leigh and I’m originally from the USA, but have been living overseas for many years. I have two lovely kids ( 12 year old twins) and a lovely rescue beagle, named Izzy.

We live in a lovely place near the lake, with lots of lovely walking paths and parks nearby.

From time to time we travel for short and longer periods, and I am looking to find loving sitters for dear dog. We also interested to house/pet sit too. But for now finding a sitter for Izzy is our main goal.

Izzy is older ( 9 yrs ) but full of energy, loves cuddles and is very friendly - and best of all - has been well trained. She just needs her daily walks!

Thanks ! Leigh


Hi @LeighO
A big welcome to our community Forum. We are really glad you found us.

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Once you begin to sit yourselves, do remember to draw valuable insight from all our wonderful and experienced sitters here.

I am sure you will have some lovely interactions here on the forum.
What a wonderful area you live in and Izzy looks adorable!


Welcome @LeighO
It’s lovely to have you here and what a beautiful photo of Izzy, (Beagles are very loving cool dogs, we had one for about 16 years) and what I surmise is one of your twins. Very handsome.
Geneva is a beautiful city and the lake you speak of I also take to be the pristine gem with the shuttle ferries. Such sweet wonderful memories of my time there.
You should very easily connect with the right folks for your needs.
All the best.


Thanks Therese!

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