Greetings from VERY HOT TEXAS!!

Howdy, we are new to THS, will have our first experience coming up in the very near future. We have found a sitter, and think that it is going to work out very well. He seems like a very nice person who really loves animals. I’m sure that we will get to know more later, but wanted to look around for the answers to a few specific questions. Hopefully, that will be easy to find.

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Hi @GiGisMom , nice to see you on the forum. I hope the heat in TX lets up one day soon. It’s pretty hot here in Virginia too.

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Welcome @GiGisMom
Texas as a state is on my bucket list Isn’t everything bigger there? :grinning:
Please feel free to ask any questions here. There’s a lot of experienced HO’s and sitters on here.

Hi I used to live in Austin and you’re right it is super hot over there like you’re living on the Sun. We’ve been traveling for the last two and a half years and it’s been nice and cool here in the Pacific Northwest

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Welcome! Hope you find THS to your liking. It’s a great service for many folks.

Hope you’re staying cool in that Texas heat. I’m on an RV’ing forum and have been hearing about the relentless heat in your neck of the woods and various other points in the country. People keep posting, asking how to cool off better.

I’ve spent a lot of time visiting Texas and enjoying it over decades, including road trips. Will be there this fall, doing a sit. I picked that time of year to avoid the worst of the heat!