Happiness comes with Travel and Pets!

Hey there, my name is Victoria! I am located in Nashville TN. I have lived here for only 2 years and looking to travel the world. I do not own my own pet but have over 10 years experience taking care of my families, friends, and other services such as Rover. Currently I am in online school for real estate, therefore I can study from anywhere in the world! I want to take advantage of my time by seeing other places and cultures. I have lived in Innsbruck Austria for 4 months as well as traveled to almost every state in the US. While living in Austria I was able to travel to 18 cities and 9 different countries.

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I have visited Nashville, Tennessee before and really love it there. Innsbruck is also beautiful and I am sure you must have thoroughly enjoyed living there.

Whereabouts are you hoping to travel to first?

Or do you have any particular favourite destinations in mind that you would love to visit? :earth_americas:

Hi @vemorris4. Welcome to our fabulous community of travel- and animal-lovers. You sound like you’ll fit right in! I’m glad you found us and have introduced yourself.

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Welcome, @vemorris4! I know you’ve used Rover before, and if that’s working for you, great. But as you’re attending school online, I do think TH is a great way to explore the world! I suppose you could also do both Rover and TH and see how the experiences differ! That would be an interesting perspective.

Whatever you decide, good luck with your adventures!

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