Have you seen the new Favourites page?

We wanted to share our newly designed website favourite page with you. It’s a great opportunity to share it with the forum and also get some feedback!

What is it all about?

It’s a new option in your dashboard drop-down menus where you can view and manage your ‘favourite’ sits and sitters. Check out the screenshot below to see an example of what it looks like:

Wait there is more…

  • You will easily be able to open any of your saved listings or sitters.

  • Keep it relevant by removing any favourites that you no longer need (just unfavourite using the heart icon)

  • See a manageable 30 listings or sitters on each page and go to the next page to see more.

  • Have access to the same filter options as are currently on the App, allowing you to further manage your favourites. (This is great news as it aligns the website with the App which is something we know is important to keep a consistent user experience).

How can you help us?

We know there might be additional useful filters, so this is an ideal time to let us which ones you think would be good!

Anything else?

When Owner and Combined members want the view ‘Who’s saved your listing’ they can come to this page and the option will be at the top above the sit & sitters tab.

You will still be able to view your favourites via the inbox as you always have done if that’s what you prefer. The new inbox is still being worked on so if there are any updates in the future about favourites we will let you know.

Thank you the Trusted Team!


What is the ordering? It looks a bit random to me.

When I apply the filter “Currently seeking a sitter” it is still displays loads of listings in reviewing status.

Why not display listings with open dates first? In order of the dates.


Thank you for sharing the new layout, it looks much better than before. One thing I immediately noticed is that the listings’ labels such as “reviewing” and " low applications" are not correct. For example listing ID 436230 is in “reviewing” status which is incorrect.


Thank you for spotting this @BunnyCat I have shared it with the team and they are looking into it. It might be a glitch so I will see what they say and update you! :smiling_face:

@pietkuip I will pass this back to the team and update you when I hear more, thank you for feeding back on the new page!


This looks like a good feature but it needs to be correct.

I have filtered for “Currently looking for a sitter”,
It brings 16 up. 4 are marked “Reviewing”
When I click on the other 12 , 4 of these are actually “Reviewing” although the listing states Low Applications


It would be very useful to be able to filter saved favourites by country .


Really wish there would have been a warning and that we had the option for the previous system vs. the new. I had mine carefully organized: sits that I’m looking at now, others for the future. It’s like someone threw a stack of papers in the air and I have to take time to go back through everything. On another note, the filtering feels very insufficient and inaccurate, as others have noted. “Avails” that are actually under review.

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Hello @lou28

I hope that helps if you would rather see them as you previously did :slight_smile:

I think this page will allow me to better review and manage my favourites, once the glitches are ironed out.

I have filtered by “Currently looking for a sitter” and notice that the dates displayed under some of the sits are not dates they are seeking a sitter for. When you open the listing different dates are displayed. For the few examples I have noted they are listings that are “Reviewing applications” but aren’t showing that status on the view with the thumbnails.

Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t. Has nothing to do with the inbox.

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It might look like the example listed here but it doesn’t look like that on android. It’s like spinning the Wheel of Fortune wheel to get through them all. :wheel: Though the Currently seeking a sitter box is ticked, most of my favourites are in reviewing stage so it’s really no help or change at all I’m afraid.

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As others have said, It’s completely inaccurate to show ‘sits in reviewing’ under the ‘currently looking for a sitter filter’.
Why do this? How about a ‘sits I can actually apply for filter’


Owner here - it seems that ‘Sitters who saved my listing’ stay in set order now! That’s great! Also, when I received the latest email about new sitters who saved my listing, they were actually at the top of the page. So, for HO, this was a really nice update.


Well it’s changed again from what I saw earlier today.

If I don’t tick ANY of the boxes, all my favourites show and the reviewing ones are interspersed so it’s not too bad. Most are just ones not currently looking.

If I tick the “Currently looking for a sitter” box, EVERY favourite sit is showing as reviewing. So it’s actually better NOT to tick the currently looking for a sitter box.

I don’t know really what difference this makes to the original way :person_shrugging:

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I have taken a look at new favourites feature.

Any changes to status isn’t immediate. Should it be ? I know this as I am the confirmed sitter for one of the listings in my favourites. It still shows as currently seeking a sitter.
Okay It was only confirmed yesterday evening :grinning: but if it is a bot that changes the status should it not be immediate or within a couple of hours at least.
PS I know nothing about bots. :rofl:


I also see some errors. Under the currently looking filter for my favorites, I see the dates for a sit I’m confirmed for. Once you click on it it no longer shows those dates and only shows dates that are available.
The new favorites feature is not accurate at this time .

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Hello everyone, thank you for all of your feedback and questions. I will share these with the Product team and get some answers for you! :smiling_face:

Edit: I got a quick reply so wanted to share it with you all:

@ziggy @ExploreDreamDiscover @Debbie @Itchyfeet This is part of the bug that @BunnyCat identified and they are working on it now. Thank you for spotting this as well!

@fyfie They are looking into this one as normally updates are in real-time, but I will confirm when I know more.

@CatsAndDog Great spot the order of “who favourited your sit” is now in chronological order, as it was a much-requested feature. I’m glad you are liking it :smiling_face:

@Silversitters I passed your filter idea on thank you!


Under favorites, looking for a sitter filter, will the listings available to apply for ever be separate from those reviewing.

What good is it for a sitter to have to look through ALL the listings reviewing to find a few that you can actually apply for.
Is it unreasonable to think that
Looking for a sitter
Not looking for a sitter
should each have a separate category or filter.


Hi Trusted Team,
For what it’s worth, in my opinion the filters which have been randomly chosen are of little use.
‘Family friendly’ is completely irrelevant to me and surely anyone who has favourited sits has already self filtered that one.
‘Pets I’ve had experience with’ could maybe be usefully changed to ‘cats only’ or ‘dogs only’ or whatever because this would have also been self filtered at the time of favourite selection.
‘Currently seeking a sitter’ will be useful once it has been fixed to filter correctly, even if it includes those sits which we sitters are precluded from applying for because they are in ‘reviewing’ (don’t get me started on that!!) because we could still potentially message a HO which we may have previously been in contact with.
Another useful filter would definitely be to filter by country or city.
Overall, I’m not sure that this new feature has any real benefit because I already get a (delayed) notification if a ‘favourite’ posts new dates anyway.

Hello, @ExploreDreamDiscover Thank you for this one, they are looking at how they can separate the ‘reviewing’ ones. I will update you when I know more.

@Dee Thank you for the feedback. I will pass on your suggestion about having a country or city filter for the favourites. Thank you :slight_smile:

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