Hello again from Nebraska

As I look at the posts, this site seems to fit me. Here is a little more about my home. I live in south central Nebraska on three fenced acres with my two outdoor kitties and two Great Pyrenees that are in/out dogs. The dogs travel in my camper with me and we usually spend two-four months in Arizona. I have a lovely view and a tiny vineyard from which I make wine and jelly. I also have a prairie garden that I keep expanding for the love of the prairie and pollinators. The closest town of 800 people is 3.5 miles, the closest big box store is 60 miles. I am surrounded by farm ground on two sides and a native pasture on two sides. My restored home is approximately 100-120 years old. I am retired and want to travel more to places where I cannot take the dogs. My sister and I have not made definitive plans, but we want to go to The Netherlands in April of 2023.


Welcome to THS. I’m not sure I could handle travelling with your two Great Pyrenees in a camper but guess it must be a large camper! The two kitties, no problem! :joy: The area and your grounds sound wonderful as does your house. What is a big box store? Never heard of that before….


Hi @jenobandito While you travel 2-4 months in Arizona with your 2 dogs, where do your 2 cats go? Any photos to share of your pets?

What flavor jelly do you make?

Hi @Smiley I believe a box store is like a large retail store part of a chain of stores–example, Walmart.


Hi @jenobandito. Your place — and your animal family — sound wonderful. I wonder if the sweeping picture I have of it is accurate. I wish you happy travels and terrific sitters if you join THS.

Hey Sharondc, my two cats are outdoor kitties and do a good job fending for themselves, along with a large container of food and heated water. My neighbor comes over every 10-14 days to water the house plants and check on the kitties. My grapes are St. Vincent and Cynthiana, both red, and I have La Crescent, which is white and not as flavorful made into jelly.

I do have photos to share of my pets and the acreage, which I hope to get to tomorrow.

Yes, a big box store is a large chain. I hesitated to mention by name.

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Hi there. We will definitely watch out for your sits when you list them. It looks and sounds amazing.

Hi @jenobandito and welcome to the TrustedHouseSitters community! Your home sounds amazing, and I love Great Pyrenees. I can’t wait to see your photos in your listing once you create one. Here is a blog post on how to create the perfect listing that you may find helpful.

Here’s another blog explaining how to add a link to your main website page to your forum profile.

Adding this link to your forum profile will enable forum members to quickly access your listing and provide feedback, if desired, on ways to make it shine even more.

If you have any questions about creating an official listing on the main website or anything else, please let us know.

Happy travels :hugs:

We are currently in the Netherlands and currently house sitting. Depending on the type of travel you want to do, and the amount of time you want to be away, you might consider have a dual profile and trying for house sits here. In any case, it’s an easy place to get around and lots of wonderful places to visit. Enjoy!