Hello/bueños dias/bon dia THS community from Nigel & Cesc in Barcelona Spain

I am Nigel and together with my partner Francesc have been actively sitting in some wonderful houses and looking after a host of lovely pets thanks to the great platform since 2018.

I have only just discovered this forum which I felt for some time ago would be a great idea inorder to try to communicate with other sitters and owners so I am excited to find it.

I am in British guy born in Birmignaham to parents from Barbados and have been living in Catalunya since 1998 and work as a relocator/property searcher/mr fixer for people moving here. Cesc in a town planner.

THS so fits our style of travel hand in glove since we love to explore places like locals including our own city and believe THS will play a bigger part in our lives when we retire one day and can apply for much longer sits further afield,

If you are ever sitting in Barcelona or surroundings and which to have a local contact to ask a question or maybe hook up. while on a sit we´re here :slight_smile:



Hello Nigel & Cesc and welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
My husband retired as a commercial airline pilot at the end of April this year and this was always our plan for retirement albeit a little earlier than originally planned but it is now a wonderful reality. We are currently on a return house sit and are loving every minute of it!
As like yourselves we plan on doing long stints worldwide and now the world is starting to re-open which is great news for everyone. We are based in the Cotswolds and are desperately waiting for the green light to head to the States which we love, hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:t2:
What a great idea and yes we would love to meet up for lunch or suchlike when we are next in Barcelona and great tips and recommendations for the area would be greatly appreciated and if you are ever in the Cotswolds please get in touch :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
Samantha & John.


Thanks Sam and John

We absolutely would love to keep in touch and by all means very happy to meet you for lunch if you are ever over here.

How do you best keep in contact?

This is great :slight_smile:

Chat soon


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That’s fabulous. I will send you a WhatsApp so you have our contact details :+1::blush:

Hi @NigelLovell Welcome, thank you for a wonderful introduction and for joining our community forum from the wonderful city of Barcelona.

Thank you also for your kind and open invitation for members to connect when in Barcelona it’s always a great advantage to have local knowledge especially when it comes to exploring a new and unfamiliar location and culture.

A pet sitting travel lifestyle allows us to live like a local enjoying slow travel which just isn’t possible with traditional travel.

We can’t wait to share in your THS adventures, enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

I have sent you a DM also …

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Bienvenidos @NigelLovell. Absolutely love Spain, hope to be there again soon.