Hello from a new sitter in Bordeaux, France

Hi everyone, I’m Sasha Kris, female, 64 from Bordeaux in the South West of France. Retired for a year, I chose to register on THS a month and a half ago now. Not having any more adorable animals to cuddle, except those of my children when they go on holidays, I found this nice solution to combine my love of animals with my new freedom to be useful and pleasant while traveling. What beautiful encounters in perspective.
I already experienced dogsitting quite by chance while traveling to Sydney in Australia in 2018. This for 3 months with 2 wonderful doggies. It clicked and here I am!
I am therefore a beginner on THS, I have the impression of passing a casting with each application that I submit. I’m confident and I can’t wait.
Thank you to read me and wish the best to you all!


Welcome to THS, fellow animal lover! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of terrific sit opportunities that let you spread that love. :relaxed:


Hi and welcome! We’re newbies to the forum and have been members of THS for over five years. It’s a great way to spend quality time with some amazing pets and travel to some beautiful destinations. Enjoy reading through the posts!


Hello yes I am delighted to be part of this beautiful community of animal-loving travelers. Thanks for your post. Best, Sasha K.

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Thank you very much Edith for your beautiful predictions and encouragement ! :wink: