Hello from beautiful Lake Spivey, GA USA

Hello, TH folks.
We are Dave & Sandy Wayne and we are new to this forum and TH.

We live on Lake Spivey just about 25 miles south od Atlanta, Georgia. We have been on this beautiful lake for about 34 years and enjoy the water and just relaxing. Our lake is a private 600-700 acre lake ( go to LakeSpivey.US to see our history and pics) and the cleanest lake in the south. Having a degree and background in Marine biology I (Dave) was the Director of Lake Conservation for about 20 yers. We make sure our lake stays pristine by yearly biological test fro and nasty stuff! It is fead by 3 artisan wells and a few feeder streams.
Now that Sandy, a retired Delta Flight Attendant, and me retired after I sold my medical business love to get out and travel in the US or anywhere SAFE in the world.
Our lovely daughter, Kate, now married with a business of her own is not always available to sit our girls. We have two pups, a 9 year old 10 lb Chihuahua, Pinky and a 3 year old 45lb Blue Heeler, Miss Blue (BLue). Neither one can hold their licker, especial Blue.
Our first experience with TH will be the first week in August while we explore Peru and Machu Pechuu. We have listed it a few days ago on TH and we look forward to getting some inquiries soon. The, in late November we will be headed to the Mediterranean and Suez camel for a couple of weeks.
Well thats all for now.
Later, be well

Dave & Sandy Wayne


Hello @Physalia and welcome to the forum. If you would like to promote your listing on the forum, you can add a link to your listing in your forum username/profile so that forum members can view it.

If for some reason you’d rather not do that, you can add the listing information to this post. Provide your location (city/country) as shown on the listing, and the date range.

Make sure you are doing all you can to attract sitters. For help with that, review Angela’s top 10 tips

Enjoy your upcoming travels.

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Hello Snowbird,

Thank you for your mail and the suggestion to add our link to the forum. I have clicked all the links you set and they just take me to a blank white page. Im not sure whats going on but I believe it’s my setting on this MAC. I’m troubleshooting this issue. While I do that would you please add our profile for us?

Thanks in advance

Later, be well

Dave & Sandy Wayne
Lake Spivey, GA

Thank you for your help @Snowbird :pray:

Hi @Physalia your listing link is now uploaded to your forum profile …

@Physalia Only the admin team can access your username, but you’ll see that @Angela-HeadOfCommunity has waved her magic wand and all is fixed now. :wink:

I took a look at your listing. I would suggest you give more detail as to the normal exercise routine for your dogs as it’s important for a sitter to be able to gauge if they’re a good fit.

Sitters: use of a pontoon boat is available to explore a 700 acre lake. That may be seen as an interesting bonus by many sitters.

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Dear Snowbird,

Thanks for the help and suggestions for our pup sit request.

Be well

Dave & Sandy

Hello Dave and Sandy and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
We have only ever ventured North from Atlanta but Lake Spivey looks absolutely beautiful.
We hope you enjoy your travels, we especially love Peru and Machu Picchu… definitely the first view is a WOW moment!

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