Hello from British Columbia, Canada

Hello! My name is Bailey and i have joined this platform for a few reason.

  1. My family and I LOVE animals
  2. We love travelling
  3. We enjoy meeting new people

I post on behalf of myself (40yr, female) and my husband Andrew and my two girls who are 10 and 8.

We are trying to introduce our children to the world but seeing if more from a local perspective and this seems like a great way. We have a kitty cat at home that we love (Chloe!) and dream of owning a dog one day when the girls are bit older, we however are around dogs all the time and love them as well.

I am a stay at home mom with a flair for volunteer work. I am heavily involved in my community. I am currently planning a grad for a terminally ill highschool student and a fundraiser for the BC Cancer Agency. I started the world wide phenomenon of everyone putting hearts in their windows during covid. My husband works hard for his family as a manager at Hydro. My girls are passionate about art, dance, swimming, camping and animals.

We are currently trying to plan a trip to Europe for 2.5 weeks. One week in London and another in Paris.

Thank you and i look forward to connecting


Welcome, Bailey et al.! =)

If you add your sitter profile to your forum profile, then everyone can give feedback to help you find your first sit! I think you can’t post desired dates to this forum, but you can include them in your sitter profile.

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I’m also wondering how hard it will be for a family of 4 to find a week in London and a week in Paris. Maybe at Christmastime, when it seems to be a sitters’ market? So you could try to get something ASAP plus flights? Alternatively, you may want to build up a solid reputation locally, to give you a better chance of securing international sits next year. You could probably find a “staycation” listing in your area this Christmas. Or two.

I’m new here, too. More experienced sitters, enlighten us!